Video Facility Infrastructure

8. Video Facility Infrastructure

We learn about the variety of standards and guidelines for digitizing analog videotapes.

Lectures & Instructions

Resources & Assignment

Standards & Guidelines:

    • IASA TC-06 2018, Part D. Planning, Setup, and Workflows for Video Digitization overview + sec D.1.3.1 Description and background: digitizing system setup and testing
    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec. D.1.4.1 Playback of source materials
    • Resources listed in IASA TC-06 2018, sec. C.1.2. Field Guides to the Tapes: Online Resources with Illustrated Descriptions
      • California Audiovisual Preservation Project. Audiovisual Formats: A Guide to Identification. 2013. 
      • Texas Commission on the Arts. Videotape Identification and Assessment Guide. 2004.

Learning Unit Readings:

    • Blewer, Ashley, et al., Minimum Viable Station Documentation.

Other Resources:

    • Wikipedia: Videotape

Assignment Case Study: VHS/S-VHS and BetaMax – two consumer formats