Preservation Wrappers & Encoding

10. Preservation Wrappers & Encoding

We learn about three target formats for encoding and wrapping digital files.

Lectures & Instructions

Resources & Assignment

Standards & Guidelines:

    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec B. 3
    • IASA TC-06 2018, Part B-App. Appendix to sec B.3
    • FADGI. Guidelines: MXF Application Specification

Learning Unit Readings:

    • Lacinak, Chris. A Primer on Codecs for Moving Image and Sound Archives. 2010. 
    • Library of Congress. Sustainability of Digital Formats. 
    • Casey, Mike. 2017. “White Paper: Encoding and Wrapper Decisions and Implementation for Video Preservation Master Files.” Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI).

Other Resources:

    • FFV1 and Matroska Reading List (FIAF)
    • Matroska
    • No Time to Wait. Symposium on FFV1/Matroska

Assignment Case Study: Deconstructing IASA TC-06 format comparison tables in B.3 Appendix