Digitizing Video Essences

6. Digitizing Video Essences

We learn about the variety of standards and best practices for digitizing the video and audio signals on video tape.

Lectures & Instructions

Resources & Assignment

Standards & Guidelines:

    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec A.1.5 Guiding Principles
    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec D.1.4.3 Critical Control Factors
    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec C.4.4 1-inch Helical-scan Open Reel Videotapes, Type C
    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec C.6 1/2-inch Analog Consumer and Semi-professional Videocassettes
    • IASA TC-06 2018, sec C.7 Betacam 1.2-inch Professional Videocassettes
    • ITU-R Recommendation BT.601
Learning Unit Readings:

    • Blood, George. Determining Suitable Digital Video Formats for Medium-term Storage. 2011. Category 1. Analog Source + Appendices B and C

Assignment Case Study: Custom designed exercise built around the ideas expressed in IASA TC-06 2018, sec. B.3.5 Additional comparison factors + sec. B.3.7 Source Material Characteristics